Start an Interact Club at your School

How to Start a New Interact Club

Contact a local Rotary club to learn how to start your own Interact club. You can find everything you need to organize and manage a club in the Interact Handbook. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • sponsor Rotary club to provide support and partnership – use the Club Finder or contact us to find one
  • An adviser from your sponsor club
  • A faculty adviser (if it’s a school-based club) to serve as a liaison between your sponsor Rotary club and the school administration
  • Members!
  • Strong club leaders to help organize your club, grow your membership, and carry out successful projects.
Once you’ve started your club, make sure to fill out and send in an Interact Club Certification Form to the closest Rotary International Headquarters. Additionally, we ask that you fill out the Interact District 5160 contact form [HERE].

Interact Events

In District 5160 we hold four District-wide events.

  • Kick-off
  • Conference
  • Retreat
  • Boat Cruise

See the Events tab for more information!

Celebrate your club’s global impact by getting involved in:

  • World Interact Week
  • Interact Video Contest

Follow Interact on Facebook and YouTube to find more opportunities to get involved.

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