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Interact District Council 5160 is proud to present this years district project: PolioPlus. Polio, also known as poliomyelitis, is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus. The virus can be transmitted from person to person, or by a common vehicle such as, contaminated water or food. It invades the nervous system, and can cause total paralysis in a matter of hours. Over 350,000 people have been affected by Polio and while incurable, there are vaccinations to prevent the disease from spreading. This year, District Council 5160 is asking you and your local Rotary Club to join our efforts to raise funds for PolioPlus. Your support will provide Polio immunizations to children and families around the world and help eradicate Polio. If financial donations are not feasible, raising awareness about the PolioPlus would be appreciated.

Polio Factsheet

PolioPlus Pledge Form

ARCHIVE: End Polio Now Campaign Page

For the month of November, Rotary/Interact 5160 is teaming up with our Rotary family to raise money for End Polio Now. Throughout the month, we will be sharing our Polio stories and why they joined Rotary. The goal is to raise funds and awareness to fight Polio head on.

What is Polio?
Poliomyelitis is a highly infectious viral disease which penetrates the nervous system and can lead to paralysis. It is passed through contaminated food and water or the fecal oral route. One sixty cent vaccine can grant a child a lifetime free from Polio.

How you can help?
This year, Rotary 5160 is launching their very own November End Polio Campaign. With the partnerships of our Youth Programs, we as a Rotary Family, have been able to create our very own End Polio Now video. You can donate right now directly to our district.

These funds will be matched by Rotary International and the Gates Foundation. While we appreciate monetary contributions, we also hope you can raise awareness by sharing our End Polio Now video [link to follow].

To find out and follow our District 5160 stories, please check out our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/5160endpolio/ and our Rotary 5160 Facebook page.

To donate please CLICK HERE

For questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Rebecca Phuong at [email protected].