Asante Africa Foundation

The Asante Africa Foundation was established in 2006 by Erna Grasz, Emmy Moshi, and Hellen Nkuraiya. All three of these women had a strong passion for bringing education for the youth. The project initially began as a “simple” two-village project, but quickly expanded to over 18 partnerships and 22 villages. Scholarships and sponsorships are given to the highly motivated and academically gifted children. Through the years, over 420 teachers and 25,000 students have been benefited by this organization and have given children the quality education they deserve.

In making sure that they can truly create a good learning environment, the Asante Foundation has strived to operate under three main tasks which are:

  • to build infrastructure and improve basic health and sanitation for the students
  • to provide enough equipment in the classroom so that teaching and learning are done more effectively
  • to support students by covering for tuition, exam fees, uniforms, meals, etc.

For more information about the 2012-2013 Interact 5160 District Project or the Asante Africa Foundation, feel free to look at their official page at