Tristan Kelly

Hey I’m Tristan Kelly and I’m proud to be your Web Master and Co-Delegate for Area 7. I’ll be a senior at Pinole (Portable) Valley High School and I’ve been a proud Interactor since my freshman year. I never really did a ton of community service prior to high school, but joining interact has shown me exactly how much even the little things that you do can matter. More about me, I’m really into coding and gaming, as well as doing as participating in all of the extracurriculars that I do, (Forensics, Band, WE Science, Interact, etc.) which make my high school experience really fun and interesting. I’m always open to meeting new friends and hope to be a big part in making this year a great one.

Michael Phalen 

Hello, I’m Michael Phalen and I am a sophomore at El Cerrito High School. I have been an Interact member since my freshman year and this will be my first year in District Council. My hobbies include swimming and playing video games with my friends. I will be serving as a webmaster for District Council, and I hope this will be an exciting and fun year for me as well as my fellow Interactors!

Sarah Kim

My name is Sarah Kim and I am going to be in my junior year of high school at Dougherty Valley High School. My hobbies include running and cooking. I have a very cute dog named Shammie and he is a white Maltese. I hope to become a veterinarian in the future and work with animals like Shammie. I will be serving as a webmaster for District Council and I am very excited!