Winter Retreat

Retreat is a two-day, one-night event at the Community of the Great Commission campsite. The purpose of the event is to motivate Interactors to perform acts of service not only locally but also internationally (i.e. our District Service Project). Sophomores, juniors, club officers, and especially future leaders of your club are highly encouraged to attend. The retreat has about 120 people and costs $130 per person (subsides may be provided by their local Rotary club). Food is provided (three meals) by the facility. Students must find their own means of transportation, which may or may not be provided by their local Rotary club. Registration and payment is required before the event.

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To view a checklist of recommended items to bring to Retreat, click [HERE].

Don’t forget to bring a signed permission slip! To view it click [HERE].

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We are looking for chaperones!

Chaperones will need to be certified by Rotary before they can attend. To get certified, click [HERE].