Our Service Project

Interact District Council 5160 is proud to present: Wildlife Conservation Society as this year’s service project!


The earth’s wildlife faces an enormous threat to its biodiversity. Within the last 40 years, the Earth has lost 52% if its biodiversity. Within this time frame, the human population has nearly doubled. Due to global population growth and economic growth, our most precious species’ ecosystems are being damaged constantly. Founded in 1895, the Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on protecting biodiversity hotspots where many species are at risk of endangerment and even extinction. The Wildlife Conservation is established in 60 countries and targets 240 protected regions. Under its 2020 strategy plan, WCS aims to focus on these protected biodiversity hotspots and expand its conservation field programs at various zoos, aquariums, and natural habitats. With the help of both Interactors and Rotarians of District 5160, we can fulfill our goal to conserve the Earth’s biodiversity and protect our wildlife that are at risk!

Pledge Form: [HERE]

WCS Website: [HERE]