District Delegates

District Delegates

Jacob Bohatch

I’m 16 years old, almost 17, and I go to Foothill High School in Palo Cedro, CA. I’m an honors student wanting to graduate 1 year early to go on a foreign exchange trip. I have a lot of motivation when it comes to working towards my goals and I will be able to show that through DC. I love animals (I’m referring to my cat) and I work at a animal boarding place which allows me to be around both dogs and cats for 5 hours at a time.

Jannat Dhillon

Hello! My name is Jannat Dhillon and I am going to be a sophomore this year. I am this year’s District Delegate for areas 1, 2, and 3. I have been in Interact since 9th grade and I am on my school’s Interact Board of Directors. I am on my school’s tennis team and I enjoy reading and listening to music. My favorite subjects in school are science and math. I love giving back to my community and I enjoy volunteering at various places such as my local library. My plans for the future are to hopefully go to Medical School and I hope to become a doctor in the future. I am looking forward to being a part of District Council!

Area 4

Chris Sortor

I will be a senior at Davis Senior High School this upcoming school year. I am the Davis High School Interact President. I love to camp and travel, and I this summer I have been driving to the East Coast on a cross country trip. I play volleyball for Davis High, and I also coach volleyball at Holmes Junior High School. I work for the City of Davis in the Parks and Recreation department, and in the summer I work at the summer camps that the city runs. I also have a passion for building things out of wood and metal, and I won first place in the California state fair for a coffee table I made.

Stephanie Chang

Hi! I’m Stephanie Chang, a senior from Davis Senior High School, and I’ll be serving as one of the district delegates of area 4 and publicist. I have been involved in Interact since my sophomore year as one of the founding members, and am part of the board of directors. I am extremely involved in community service and also involved in the school newspaper. I love meeting new people and look forward to working with everyone!

Areas 5, 6, and 7

Lynsey Inthasone

Hi, my name is Lynsey and I am a 17 yr-old Laotian-American gal. I go to De Anza High School and am going to be an upcoming senior. Throughout my high school experience, I’ve dealt with many self-conflicts in regards to my confidence and that has been a huge toll for me. Although, it no longer prevails as prominently, which has lead me to much more success. From those experiences, I am now a more adaptable and open-minded person that mainly focuses on my own life without much comparison. By focusing on myself, I have been able to pursue goals that have value to me. One goal that I’ve actually accomplished is that I have the opportunity to serve as next year’s Interact President. Aside from that, I also enjoy spending time with my dog, meditating, vlogging and am passionate about public health.

Evelyn Fong

Hello, my name is Evelyn Fong. I am 15, turning 16 in September, and I am an upcoming junior at Middle College High School. During my free time, I enjoy doing arts and crafts – such as painting, drawing, and just creating things from scratch. I have been a member of Interact for the past 2 years, and I plan on staying for the rest of my high school career, then possibly Rotaract, and then Rotary. I am very excited to be a part of District Council this year, and I look forward to helping organize events that everyone will enjoy!

Tristan Kelly

Hey I’m Tristan Kelly and I’m proud to be your Web Master and Co-Delegate for Area 7. I’ll be a senior at Pinole (Portable) Valley High School and I’ve been a proud Interactor since my freshman year. I never really did a ton of community service prior to high school, but joining interact has shown me exactly how much even the little things that you do can matter. More about me, I’m really into coding and gaming, as well as doing as participating in all of the extracurriculars that I do, (Forensics, Band, WE Science, Interact, etc.) which make my high school experience really fun and interesting. I’m always open to meeting new friends and hope to be a big part in making this year a great one.

Areas 8 & 9

Haley Hashimoto

Hi! My name is Haley Hashimoto and I am a junior at Dougherty Valley High School. I am really excited to be apart of District Council this year and am looking forward to serving as District Delegate for Area 8. I have been in Interact since freshman year and held an officer position this past school year. I am looking forward to a great year working alongside my fellow DC members and meeting new people. Go District 5160!

Vinny Prasad

Hi! My name is Vinay (Vinny) Prasad and I am super excited to be a district delegate and part of 5160 District Council this year. I go to Dougherty Valley High School and I will be a senior this school year. My hobbies include playing badminton, anything music related, and spending time in the outdoors. I am a Boy Scout and am currently working towards achieving scouting’s highest rank of Eagle. I love serving those in need and volunteering in my community and am eager to see how our District will grow this year!

Area 10

Hannah Kim

My name is Hannah Kim. I am a junior this year at Dougherty Valley high school. This year I will be serving as a district delegate 10 in district conference. This year for our interact club at our school I will be serving as a publicist. My hobbies include drawing and swimming. The types of media I enjoy to use is pen, color pencil and watercolor. Also, I am interested in fashion design for my major.

Area 11

Bonnie Chan

Hello! I’m Bonnie Chan and I’m a junior at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon. I’m excited to be part of District Council. I love cats especially mine. My favorite subject in school is math. Outside of school I enjoy dancing, especially ballet. I also like reading. I look forward to working with my fellow District Council members to help Interact run smoothly.

Audrey Chong

Hello! My name is Audrey and I am your Area 11 District Delegate for the 2017-18 term. This year I will be a junior at Doughertey Valley High School. I have been involved in Interact since my freshman year of high school, was Interact’s co-publicist in the sophomore year, and will be serving as co-vice president in the coming year! Besides participating in Interact, I enjoy volunteering at various food service programs, promoting literature and writing, drawing during my free time, and listening to k-indie and acoustic music. A couple of dreams of mine include traveling overseas, becoming an accountant, and having a little puppy of my own. Let’s work hard! I look forward to making this year the best with District 5160.