Areas 1, 2, & 3

Area Updates


Pleasant Valley’s Interact club has been quite busy this year! After a successful pizza event, they are beginning to  spearhead the next area 3 event to take place in spring. All funds raised contribute to Interact 5160′s service project, raising funds for the eradication of Polio.


Pleasant Valley High, Inspire, and Chico High held its first Area 3 mixer at Round Table pizza to raise funds for District 5160′s service project, create awareness about polio, and connect with other high schoolers across the area. The three schools also plan to team up in February or early spring to spear-head their next Area 3 event. In addition, PV’s Interact club wrapped up their annual adopt a family gift drive for the holiday season!


Pleasant Valley High School has begun its annual adopt a family gift drive for the holiday season and its Interact club has paired up with multiple on campus clubs to make this year’s bigger and better than ever! In addition, PV is in the process of holding its first mixer and area event at Round Table Pizza to raise funds for District 5160′s service project, while having the opportunity  to connect with other “Interacters” across Area 3.


Pleasant Valley High School is organizing its first area event at Round Table towards the end of November and has begun the canned food drive.

Chico High School has completed 3 Walk for Alzheimer’s events, 2 campus clean ups, Halloween Hustle, a safe way to promote seasonal fun in Downtown Chico, and has also begun the annual canned food drive.


Foothill Interact participated in Club Rush day at Foothill High School on September 9 where they recruited several new members. They also talked about maybe having a day to clean up a section of the road that runs in front of FHS, redo some of the planters in the school’s quad, and repaint one of the school’s signs that says FHS.


Fall River Interact had made an effort in being noticed more throughout the community by entering an “Interact booth” into the Inter-Mountain Fair in McArthur that lasted from September 1-5. In attempt to gain more members, the Fall River Interact club had an assembly on September 30, 2016 at Fall River Jr./Sr. High School completely dedicated to what Interact is all about, the benefits, and how students can be part of Interact. Right after the assembly was karaoke at Fall River Interact’s meeting to attract people. Collaboration with the Burney Interact club is yet to be discussed since Burney Interact is still in the process of building a club. Fall River Interact has expressed interest in collaborating with near clubs and possible Mt. Shasta’s Interact club.


Redding Christian Interact had their first meeting on September 27, 2016.


Rotary Club of Weed and the Rotary Club of Red Bluff Sunrise have expressed great interest in starting Interact clubs at their local high schools which are Weed High School and Red Bluff High School.


Mt. Shasta’s biggest project that was concentrated on last year was the One Million Lights program, and we set up multiple fundraisers for that event, which included a bake sale the day before Valentine’s Day and participated in a guest waiter night at a local restaurant. Along with these, our club has gone around the community and participated in multiple trash pick-ups within Mt. Shasta and also volunteered at other events throughout the city including the Blackberry Festival which occurs every September. Two of our Interact members, Dillon Eoff and Cora Fesler, attended Camp Royal this summer while another member went to Camp Venture. Some of our Interact members, including Emily Andrus and Chris Cheula, volunteered a couple of hours this summer to help hand out food at the annual Castle Craig’s Century bike ride in town. We are interested in connecting with other clubs.


Enterprise was involved with 2-3 bake sales during October and March to raise money for One Million Lights, Salvation Army Red Kettle, Good News Rescue Mission, after school day care, ducky derby, and breast cancer awareness. Four members including Jackie Hardy, Justin Cretcher, Courtney Blanc, McKenna Bradley attended Camp Royal over the summer.


This past year, the Foothill High School Interact club held a sock drive at school and redid 3 of the school’s planters in the quad, which has been a multiyear project. We had one girl partake in Team Hope this summer.


Fall River’s Interact was created last year and had fundraised by having a Tamale Sale during the Fall, selling Teddy Grams for Valentine’s Day, and setting up a concession stand in Burney on the Fourth of July. For community service projects, the Interact club helped out a local animal sanctuary by clearing the area and cleaning for the owners along with other projects. One member, Lucus Warnock, from the Fall River Interact club was sent to Camp Royal over the summer.


All schools in Area 3 have begun and are hoping to have their first meeting after club day on the green in mid-September.