Areas 1, 2, & 3

Area Updates

Foothill High School is helping their local rotary club do a creek cleanup so the trail does not flood. On November 27th, they will be starting their annual sock drive and decorating boxes to fill with socks and donate to Goodwill. They will be putting the boxes into teachers’ classrooms and collecting them on December 15. They recently participated in the Meeks Fundraising Event as well. They helped Redding West Rotary buy dictionaries and put rotary stickers in them and then distributed them to 3rd graders.Their last meeting was on October 27th and their next meeting is November 9th, where they will get together to decorate boxes.

Pleasant Valley High School is having their upcoming meeting on November 9th, where they will be discussing their upcoming movie night to raise proceeds to donate to Wildlife Conservation Society. They are also collaborating with KLEAN and doing campus cleanups around their school. They will be volunteering at Butte Humane Society(shelter for cats and dogs).
Central Valley High School helped at the Meeks Fundraising Event as well, in collaboration with Shasta leadership. They also are doing their annual Flocking Flamingos Fundraiser to help raise money for a child with cancer. Some of the proceeds will also go to our District Service Project. In the fundraiser, teachers pay the Interact Club to have another teacher’s yard filled with plastic flamingos.
Inspire HS recently had a movie night where they collected proceeds for their club and for the district service project. They have a club meeting every Wednesday and are planning another movie night for spring. They are also doing small service projects with their local rotary.