Areas 1, 2, & 3

Area Updates

Foothill HS is going to be participating in a dictionary sticking event that puts labels about Rotary inside of the covers and hands them to local 3rd grades. They are going to be putting on a sick drive to collect socks and donated them to the Good News Rescue Mission. They are also planning on conducting fundraisers to help raise money to help a girl in Africa to continue her education.


Central Valley HS is putting on an event called Flamingo Flocking where people buy a flamingo to be put on someone’s yard and the person pays Interact to have them move it. It raised about $2000 in a previous year. The money, in the past, has gone to a police dog but this year they want half the money to go to a cancer patient and the other half to the Wildlife Conservation Society.


Pleasant Valley HS is planning on teaming up with Rotary and taking a kid on a Target shopping spree. They do this so they can help a kid get things they want, like toys, and things they need, clothes or supplies for school.


We brainstormed about potential area projects and have greatly considered putting on a movie night and all proceeds benefit Wildlife Conservation Society. Locations have been discussed but nothing settled. Still open to new ideas!